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Unleash your inner interior designer and behold the remarkable metamorphosis that awaits your home at Mike's Custom Upholstery. From the realm of mere functionality, we elevate your space to the realm of pure opulence. Enter our welcoming Upholstery Store and discover a haven of possibilities tailored precisely to your desires.

✨ Elegantly Crafted Window Treatments ✨

Our highly trained staff will expertly measure and install window treatments in your home, free of charge. Whether it's a residential oasis, a sophisticated commercial setting, an office adorned with prestige, a luxurious hotel escape, or a captivating dining experience in a restaurant, we cater to spaces of all sizes and types.

🛋️ An Artistic Realm of Upholstery Delights 🛋️

Indulge in the artistry that defines Mike's Custom Upholstery, where a world of refined services awaits. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of upholstered cornices and witness the revival of cherished furniture through meticulous refinishing. Let us breathe new life into restaurant and banquet hall chairs with our masterful reupholstery services. Experience the sheer beauty of custom window treatments, meticulously handcrafted furniture pieces, and enchanting decorative pillows. Elevate your walls with custom upholstery that exudes timeless elegance. Explore our curated selection of retail fabrics, delight in plush seat cushions, embrace the grandeur of exquisite headboards, indulge in the sophistication of bed skirts, or embrace the art of caning. And for your outdoor retreat, we offer impeccable reupholstery services for your outdoor furniture cushions.

🌟 Embellished with Renowned Brands 🌟

At Mike's Custom Upholstery, we proudly showcase an exquisite collection of renowned brand names that have earned your trust. Immerse yourself in the luxurious creations of Robert Allen, the prestigious designs of Beacon Hill, the enduring quality of Duralee, or the timeless elegance of Highland Court. Allow the exquisite fabrics from Fabricut, Fabricade, B. Berger, and Michael Jon Designs to transport you to a realm of sophistication. Revel in the charm of Brimar, the timeless beauty of Pindler & Pindler, the eco-friendly offerings from Greenhouse Fabrics, or the unparalleled excellence of Maxwell and United Fabrics. And this is just the beginning—there are many more treasures awaiting your discovery. Visit us today and witness the richness and diversity of our brand selection.

🏬 Embark on Your Design Journey Today! 🏬

Step into our enchanting showroom, where dreams come to life. Let our passionate team guide you through a world of elegance and refinement. Immerse yourself in the artistry of Mike's Custom Upholstery and witness the extraordinary transformation that awaits your home.

Robert Allen      Beacon Hill      Duralee    Highland Court  

  Fabricut     Fabricade       B. Berger      Michael Jon Designs

 Brimar     Pindler & Pindler     Greenhouse Fabrics    Maxwell

 United Fabrics  And Many More!  Stop By Today And See!

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