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Who is Mike?

Passion is everything in life

"Enveloped within the tapestry of running a business, the most formidable source of motivation lies in the remarkable tapestry of customers who grace my path, igniting a flame of inspiration within me each passing day"

Enter the spirited soul known as Mike "Migo" Tarikyan, who, with his cherished wife Isabelle, embarked on a voyage of promise and discovery when they set foot on foreign shores in the early 1980s, embracing the allure of a new life and an audacious dream.

As the hands of fate twirled their whimsical dance, Mike was bestowed with a remarkable opportunity—a chance to cultivate his talents as an apprentice upholsterer at a local establishment nestled near his Cliffside Park, NJ abode.

The moment he stepped into that sacred realm of craftsmanship, an undeniable certainty resonated within him, affirming that he had finally found his sacred haven—a sanctuary that mirrored his soul.

A prodigious talent seemed to flow effortlessly from his fingertips, as if it were an intrinsic facet of his being—a natural gift that effortlessly bloomed.

And so, in the transformative year of 1987, the cherished entity known as Mike's Custom Upholstery breathed its first breath, exuding the essence of Mike's unwavering dedication and fervent dreams.

With a modest team comprising only two faithful individuals, Mike embarked upon the noble quest of building a steadfast and loyal clientele. Through the whispers carried on the winds of heartfelt recommendation, his enterprise flourished and burgeoned, painting a vibrant portrait of prosperity.

Yet, within the tapestry of his journey, Mike grasped a profound understanding—one that transcended the mere provision of a service. His work embodied an attitude that bespoke a genuine interest in his clients, coupled with an unwavering love for his craft—a sacred principle passed down from his father, etching the contours of a future brimming with promise.

Today, after the passage of 23 years, Mike's legacy and dream persist, kindled anew through the indomitable spirit of his beloved Isabelle. She fearlessly carries forth his passion, steadfast work ethic, and visionary aspirations, weaving the threads of their shared destiny into a vibrant tapestry that transcends the bounds of time.

His saga serves as a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit, an ode to the harmonious fusion of elegance, compassion, and the relentless pursuit of inspiration that breathes life into our collective dreams.

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